Infants and

We specialize in taking care of
infants for a few hours
or all day.

Programs for

our teachers provide a program
where children feel safe, loved,
and free to explore, grow, and learn.

Bilingual Learning

We teach children through songs,
chants, stories, and play activities,
providing a natural acquisition of Spanish.

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At ABC Children’s Academy, the education programs we teach are some of the most effective in the state. The first 5 years of your child’s development are important because they set the stage for learning and socializing later in life—our staff understands how to maximize their potential. ABC strives to implement an extraordinary modern approach to help your child learn in the way that works best for them. We want all the children we teach to become lifetime learners, which is achieved through the dedication of our carefully chosen and trained teachers. All of our programs and activities promote high self-esteem, individuality, and self-discipline. Our curriculum has fun theme units to grab your child’s attention, keep them engaged, and peek their curiosity.

Our staff understands that parents seek the best preschool education available for your child. We work closely with each family to ensure that your child flourishes academically and socially. We offer all-day care for your child and after school activities. Regardless of how much time your child spends with us, you can rest assured that while they are here, they are always learning.

The teachers at ABC Children's Academy continually seek to help your child grow and challenge them to learn. Our environment is always caring and supportive for children of all ages. Whether your child is here all day or just for a couple hours, you can feel confident that he or she will be in good hands.

Our child development center can offer your child personalized attention and customize your child’s schedule to accommodate interests such as dance and music. ABC Children's Academy is family owned and provides an affordable tuition solution, along with one of the Greater Houston area’s best programs. We strive to accommodate parent’s work schedules and have children with us from the early morning until 6pm. If you’re looking for a preschool with a staff that can cater what they teach to your child’s learning style, ABC Children's Academy is a fitting choice.

Call or stop by today to learn more about the opportunities for growth and learning ABC Children's Academy has for your child.


My boys have attended ABC Children's Academy for 8 years. The teachers are so loving and caring and my boys have learned so much. We feeI very comfortable leaving our children here and can't imagine leaving them in anyone else's care.
Jeanette Love

I wanted to thank you for all you and ABC Children's Academy did for our children. We have witnessed firsthand how well prepared they were for Pre-K. We have had both our children's teachers tell us how far ahead our children were in comparison to children who did not attend pre-school. In addition, it was very reassuring to know our children were in a warm and nurturing environment. It is never easy leaving your children in the care of other's, but ABC made it much easier than we ever imagined.

Thank you and your staff for all you did for our children. They have gotten off on the right foot and continue to grow because of that great foundation!
Nora and Glenn Ryan